James Peterson Sons Inc. has a safety philosophy that provides a guiding vision and general policy by which we conduct business and safety together every day. This philosophy is a statement of the ideals the company would like to achieve in safety. We are a member of ISNetworld. ISNetworld is a global resource used for connecting clients with safe and reliable contractors.

Company Safety Philosophy:

We believe that the safety of employees is of utmost importance, along with quality production and cost-control. Maintenance of safe operating procedures at all times are of both monetary and human value, with human value being far greater to the company, the employees, and the community.

      • The following principles support this philosophy:

      • 1. All injuries and accidents are preventable through the establishment and compliance of safe working practices and procedures.
      • 2. The prevention of bodily injury and safeguarding of health are the first considerations in all work site actions and are the responsibility of every employee at every level.
      • 3. Written safety plans describing the safe work practices and procedures to be practiced in all work site actions are an essential element of the overall work site safety program. All employees at every level are responsible for knowing and following the safety practices described in the written safety plans.
      • 4. No work that we perform is too important that we cannot take the time and use the proper equipment to do the work safely.
      • 5. Off the job, all employees should be similarly safe and demonstrate awareness of potential job hazards.

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